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NBA 2014-2015 Season Predictions

If you’re a basketball junky like  me, more excited about this upcoming season than you have been about others in recent years. With the LeBron returning to Cleveland and Kobe back for possibly his last season as a Lake...

Autotune’s and Crack Beats

Every since the 90’s its been hard to listen to some of the hip-hop an R&B artist’s that continue to come out these days, but every now and then we come across some that make timeless music. Earlier today I hea...
2015 Nissan Maxima

2015 Nissan Maxima New Body Design

Whoa! I couldn’t believe this was a Nissan Maxima when I first came across these photo’s. There must be a new definition to luxury if Nissan is now making cars that look like this! Nissan’s have always made ve...